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The Mogabr Show

My own podcast where I talk to whatever I want to talk about with whomever I want to talk about it with, what can I say I enjoy talking to people! 


Check it out here: The Mogabr Show

The Mogabr Show Podcast hosted by Gabe Moronta

The CrashPad Podcast

Hosted by Alesia Hendley aka "Smoothfactor" - she hosts this cutting edge podcast where she talks to leading technologists in the industry and gets the why behind their success! 

Not my project, but she gets highlighted because she's good!


Check her out at: CrashPad Podcast

Crash Pad Podcast by Alesia Hendley

Stealth Startup

Advising an audio startup company on their GTM strategy, as well as the quality of their devices

Audio Company that Gabe Moronta invested in
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