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Gabe Moronta, otherwise known as Mogabr which is his full name Gabriel(Gabr) Moronta(Mo)

Gabriel Moronta, known in professional circles as "Gabe," stands at the forefront of innovation at Visla, where they championed the integration of artificial intelligence into video technologies—a visionary move predating the industry's widespread adoption.

As the creative force behind "The Mogabr Show" podcast, Gabe delves into the narratives of intriguing personalities, uncovering the passions that fuel their professional pursuits.

In his tenure at Zoom, Gabe contributed to the collective effort that shaped one of the defining communication tools of the digital age, aiding in its ascendancy within the tech sphere during one of the most tumultuous times in recent human history.

A perpetual scholar at heart, Gabe's passion for knowledge is unyielding. He is committed to self-improvement and the cultivation of excellence within his team, ensuring peak performance is a standard, not an exception.

Having an interest in Psychology, and continuously immersing himself in learning environments, Gabe is dedicated to comprehending the motivations and strengths of his colleagues, seeking to harness these insights to unite the team towards a singular, collective objective.

The moniker "Mogabr" traces back to one of his corporate stops—a serendipitous amalgamation of his full name, Gabriel Moronta, that has since become his unique identifier.

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